“I have an urgent errand,” he said. “My news is evil.” Then he looked about him, as if the hedges might have ears. “Nazgûl,” he whispered. “The Nine are abroad again. They have crossed the River secretly and are moving westward. They have taken the guise of riders in black.” – The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien

A Long-extended Party is pleased to present The Nine are Abroad, a free, community-created quest for our beloved card game. This unique scenario can be played by 1-4 players in Standard Game Mode or by up to 9 groups of 1-4 players in Epic Multiplayer Mode.

Whispers on the wind bring word to you of a new horror emerging from Mordor. Across Middle-earth rumors abound, and a palpable unease settles on the land. At first, the source of the terror is unclear, but then a messenger bird arrives from Radagast with grim tidings, and though you were prepared for the worst, the news fills you with dread: The Nazgûl are abroad! They have left Mordor, disguised as riders in black, with an unknown, but evil, purpose. You must track their movements and thwart their sinister designs. 

The sweep and scope of The Nine are Abroad are epic indeed, and you’ll have to travel throughout Middle-earth as you track down the Nazgûl. To immerse players fully in the experience, the scenario uses a unique map mechanic depicting the realms of Middle-earth. In the scenario’s first act, your group must investigate rumors and find clues as to the whereabouts of the Nazgûl, and only when you discover them all can you confront them. In Epic Multiplayer Mode, your group is not alone in this endeavor, as heroes from throughout Middle-earth have answered the call. When any group uncovers the location of a Black Rider, the enemy is placed on every team’s map, until eventually they are all revealed, and you move on to the second act – to defeat each Nazgûl in battle, sending them scurrying back to the holes in Mordor from which they emerged!

Just as with discovery, when any group bests a Nazgûl in battle all groups remove that enemy from their maps. Each of the Riders are a formidable foe, treacherous and powerful, but there is one who rises above the rest in all respects: the Witch-king of Angmar! The Witch-king waits in the shadows, biding his time and gathering his strength, and can only be driven off once you have bested all of his underlings. You must challenge this final terror side by side with your entire company, for only together can you hope to overpower this formidable foe!

The Nine are abroad, and they must be stopped before Sauron’s sinister designs for them can be put into motion. Hurry now, to the chase!

The Nine are Abroad is available now as a free print and play expansion, available to download below. Prefer to play digitally? This expansion, and all future ALeP content, is available to play on both DragnCards and Tabletop Simulator. Looking for a more professional, third party print job? Check out our accompanying printing guides below for detailed, easy to follow instructions.

Printing Guides and Downloads

We are hard at work preparing French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish translations of The Nine are Abroad:

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