A Long-extended Party

Producer of unofficial, fan-made expansions for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Meet the Team

Feel free to reach out to us on the ALeP or CotR discord servers using our handles below.

CEO & Lead Designer

COO & Lead Software Developer

Lead Playtester & Lead Community Manager

@John Leo
Lead Storyteller

Lead Graphic Designer & Lead Printer

@Darkling Door
Lead Editor

Lead Art Finder

Lead Rules Lawyer

Lead Lore Expert

A Long-extended Party is a fan-made expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and is not endorsed, supported, or affiliated by Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc.  The copyrightable portions of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and its expansions are © 2011 – 2013 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. The Lord of the Rings, and the characters, items, events and places therein are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Middle-earth Enterprises and are used, under license, by Fantasy Flight Games. Living Card Game, LCG, LCG logo and Fantasy Flight Supply are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.