A Long-extended Party

Producer of unofficial, fan-made expansions for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Our Mission

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) is our favorite game, and one which we have followed for many years. With the announcement from FFG that the development of the game would go on an indefinite hiatus following the completion of the Vengeance of Mordor cycle, we were saddened by the news.

In the wake of this announcement, we started A Long-extended Party (ALeP) to continue producing fan-created content during this hiatus. As a team of volunteers, our mission is to design fun, balanced player cards and quests and provide them to the community for free. We have a special focus on player cards and quest settings that we felt were missing from the official card pool.

We have no ties to FFG, its parent company Asmodee, or Middle-earth Enterprises. However, with our designs, we aspire to produce content that we feel could have been released officially. This is our guiding principle, and governs many of our decisions.

In keeping with tradition, we plan to release “deluxe boxes” containing player cards and 3 quests, and follow up each deluxe with 6 “adventure packs” which contain player cards and a single quest. The designs will be made available completely for free, which you can then print yourself, or take them to a printing service like MakePlayingCards or MBPrint. They will also be made available on DragnCards.

We hope you stick with the game after the official content comes to an end and give our content a try! Hopefully we can keep this great game, and its even greater community, around for many years to come.