The entire team at A Long-extended Party wishes to extend a heartfelt congratulations to John Leo for his new job as a game designer at Fantasy Flight Games! 

John served as ALeP’s Lead Storyteller for several years, bringing his unique voice to the story text for each quest, the flavor text on many of the cards, and the beautiful supplemental stories The Mirkwood Falconers and Three Picnics. He also led the design of two quests from our first cycle: The Horse Lord’s Ire and Mustering of the Rohirrim. Behind the scenes, he has also played a major role in helping to outline our story for cycle 2, and you’ll see his fingerprints on yet another up-and-coming quest! 

As he is transitioning into his new job, John is no longer contributing to ALeP. He leaves big shoes to fill, and we’ll miss working with him on this fan project, but we’re incredibly proud to see one of our teammates landing a dream job in professional game development. 

Here are a few words from John: 

To the community: thanks for making the ALEP project such a success. We got to work on some remarkable scenarios, and I’m deeply proud of our team and the stories we were able to build. To the ALEP crew: it was a rare pleasure, and I will wait enthusiastically for your next release. Though I’m sure I won’t be able to comment much, if at all, rest assured you are torchbearers for the future of this game, and I’m happy we’ve had the chance to collaborate. 

I’m not sure what I’ll be working on next, but I will be excited to share it with you when it’s ready. 


John Leo 

Sending a big thank you from the ALeP team to John Leo for all his contributions! We’re already fans of his work, so we’re excited to find out what new and interesting games we’ll see his name on in the coming years. 

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