Glorfindel was tall and straight; his hair was of shining gold, his face fair and young and fearless and full of joy; his eyes were bright and clean, and his voice like music; on his brow sat wisdom, and in his hand was strength.” – The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

A Long-extended Party is pleased to present The Glittering Caves, the fourth adventure pack in Oaths of the Rohirrim, a cycle of free, community-created expansions for our beloved card game.

After capturing the traitor Gálmód of Rohan and his retinue of Dunlending bodyguards, you find yourself pursued by the wrathful specter of Helm Hammerhand, Thengel’s ancestor and a great king of old. The spirit hunts you implacably, and has driven you to bay in the great sprawling caverns beneath Helm’s Deep. 

As you search for a way to free the accursed king from his torment, you will find a unique traversal mechanic in The Glittering Caves. During setup, you will be instructed to create the Cave Map, which represents your party’s location relative to each chamber of the caves. You will have to choose your path carefully to avoid combat with the indestructible spirit of Old King Helm.

The Cave Map is a unique mechanic for this quest, that will allow the players to either stick together or split up in search of a way to subdue the vengeful spirit. Instead of placing progress on the main quest, players will be able to distribute progress among caves where their player tokens are located on the map. This progress can be used during the Travel Phase each round to move to connected caves and continue deeper into Aglarond. Each cave brings with it new challenges and perils so that players must carefully plan their movements, lest they be caught by Helm Hammerhand unprepared. It will take all your wits not to get lost in the plunging tunnels. However, you must not succumb to fear, for a great power of old has reawakened in time to lend you hope.

An example set up of the Cave Map, showing three player tokens in the upper left corner, and Helm Hammerhand in the lower right.

Fair and Perilous!

After many years of slumber in lands afar, a legendary hero of the First Age has returned.

With high willpower and strength of arms, Glorfindel is the peerless warrior who stood alone in battle at Cirith Thoronath, where he slew a Balrog in single combat. In order to showcase his valor, this tactics version of the classic card game character boosts his attack when fighting alone, and increases it further when attacking a unique enemy. Those boosts can be combined to bring Glorfindel to an incredible seven attack!

It will take some strategy to arrange these one-on-one duels without becoming swarmed; however, this Elf-lord’s power makes him a mighty addition to any type of deck.

Glorfindel arrives accompanied by his kinsman Gaeronel, Captain of the Havens, as well as eight new players cards to invite new playstyles and strategies.

The Glittering Caves is available now as a free print and play expansion, available to download below. Prefer to play digitally? This expansion, and all future ALeP content, is available to play on both DragnCards and Tabletop Simulator. Looking for a more professional, third party print job? Check out our accompanying printing guides below for detailed, easy to follow instructions.

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