“‘Speak, Legolas!’ said Gandalf. ‘Tell us what you see there before us!’” The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien

You have escaped the Glittering Caves and appeased the wraith of Helm Hammerhand only to hear from the renegade Gálmód that all of Rohan is in gravest danger. Ealdwulf, King Thengel’s traitorous advisor and the descendant of Prince Haleth, is determined to reclaim his ancestral throne—with vows of land, steel, and glory, he has gathered the Dunlendings to win back their ancient homeland. As hordes of foes amass at the Isen, you must rally those whose hearts are true. For honor and oath, you shall muster the Rohirrim!

A Long-extended Party is pleased to announce Mustering of the Rohirrim, the fifth adventure pack in the Oaths of the Rohirrim cycle. As with all ALeP projects, this adventure pack is a free-to-download, fan-created scenario.

In order to honor and extend the legacy of the greatest card game in Middle-earth, we have determined to break new ground in this absolutely unique adventure pack. For the first time ever, we have resolved to branch into other Lord of the Rings properties throughout the remainder of this cycle—and this new art direction gives us nearly infinite possibilities. To fit the theme of this quest as well as we can in these regards, we have decided to expand our beloved card game into The Lord of the Rings™ LEGO®.

To muster the hosts of the Rohirrim, you must race against time to complete special Mustard side quests, for the men of Rohan dare not fight without their condiments. Beware, brave hero! For if you linger too long, you could meet an Orc Birthday Party, which means doom sure and swift. Their threat and attack can skyrocket to stratospheric levels in an instant! But never fear, for as long as you keep your cake in stock, the orcs will never harm you.

Surrounded by foes and beset by treachery, you will need aid to overcome the hosts of Ealdwulf! But help can come in many forms…

A thunderous roar is heard from the Vales of the Anduin, and a mighty hero crashes into the fray: Os-BEAR-a the bear! Sporting impressive attack strength and a healthy appetite, this Beorning warrior comes prepared to conquer the legions of Sauron with a new weapon—the power of slumber! While her willpower and defense might seem meager, her true strength lies in her ability. By raising your threat by 1, Osbeara enables you to hibernate for one round, after which the great bear will return to action renewed and refreshed. With Osbeara at your side, you will never lose again!

And Osbeara does not come alone, for she has brought her ponies along for the ride!

Though its use can prove niche, the Beorning Pony is now the go-to solution for adjustable attack strength and willpower. Requiring the presence of Beorning and Pony characters, it works well with both hero Beorn and Bill the Pony, two auto-includes for any proper Beorning Pony deck. Now if we could just figure out how that response works…

With this new release, not only can you now hibernate and struggle to read card effects; you can also truly dominate the game yourself!

This cheap new event is the ultimate way to lose friends, in the form of the greatest grief card yet created. It pairs well with lots of Condition-discarding effects such as Miner of the Iron Hills and Power of Orthanc, doomed allies, and good ole Justice Shall be Done, allowing you to finally and ultimately secure your own dominion as Dark Lord of Middle-earth…wait, that’s supposed to be a bad thing…right?

A Long-extended Party

The land reeks of treachery. The treasonous hordes have massed at the Isen. Will you lead the Rohirrim to victory? Or will you too be overcome by the bitter betrayal of the sharp-lego-that-your-kid-left-on-the-floor-for-you-to-step-on?

Mustering of the Rohirrim will be released for DragnCards and Print & Play sometime this side of eternity!

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