“Helm! Helm!” the Riders shouted. “Helm is arisen and comes back to war.” —The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien

With the traitor of Rohan captured along with a Dunlending rearguard, you have discovered the truth at the heart of the blizzard which has dogged your journey. Now, thirsty for the blood of your captives, the wraith of King Helm Hammerhand pursues you to the mouth of the Glittering Caves beneath Helm’s Deep. If you are going to escape and quell the rageful spirit of the king, you must delve deeply into the dark places beneath the kingdom of horse-lords. The snows are piling, and Rohan’s foes are on maneuvers. There is no turning back.

A Long-extended Party is pleased to announce The Glittering Caves, the fourth adventure pack in the Oaths of the Rohirrim cycle. As with all ALeP projects, this adventure pack is a community-created scenario, free to download, and is intended to honor and extend the legacy of the greatest card game in Middle-earth.

The Glittering Caves are known for both beauty and danger, and none represent this dichotomy so well as Gaeronel, captain of the Grey Havens guard!

One of Círdan the Shipwright’s trusted commanders, Gaeronel brings a tactical flexibility to any conflict, though she more than most understands the sacrifices necessary to win. As Gaeronel’s static ability cares about the top card of your discard pile, so too must you measure your situation and react accordingly to get the most out of her variable statline. In the coming weeks, we will learn more about Gaeronel with an original narrative from community member Truck!

Gaeronel has not come to the battle empty-handed, however. As a means of honoring the ancient alliances between elves and dwarves, she carries with her a Relic of Nargothrond.

Great treasures can be found beneath the mountains, as every dwarf knows. A useful item for any Noldor or Dwarf character, this shield can be cast aside for a powerful temporary defense bonus – perfect for Gaeronel’s improvisational strategies. Because this relic can be played from the discard pile, it may be a useful tool for the dwarves who excavate it through mining as well.

Speaking of miners, Gaeronel’s companion is no stranger to deep delvings and strange company. The last lord of Moria has arrived!

With the introduction of a Balin ally, it is now possible to field all 13 dwarves of Thorin’s Company in a single deck. Sporting the Devoted keyword and with a conditional readying effect, this iteration of Balin is at his best among fellow dwarves. However, his flexible stat line may help him find a home in any company.

A Long-extended Party

The wrath of the Hammerhand is upon you. The caves are dark and deep. Will you plunge bravely into the depths? Or will your journey end here, at the hands of a broken king?

The Glittering Caves will be released for DragnCards and Print & Play this February!

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