“They had not gone more than a furlong when the storm returned with fresh fury. The wind whistled and the snow became a blinding blizzard. Soon even Boromir found it hard to keep going. The hobbits, bent nearly double, toiled along behind the taller folk, but it was plain that they could not go much further.” — The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien

You have driven the marauding orc-host out of Rohan, just in time to receive word that your quarry, the traitor Gálmód, has fled across the countryside toward the Gap of Rohan. With a strange blizzard blowing in from the mountains, it will take every ounce of your determination to capture him and bring him back to Aldburg to face justice. You have sworn an oath to Lord Éomund, and you shall not fail in it. By gale or by axe, you shall not be swayed from your path now.

A Long-extended Party is pleased to announce The Gap of Rohan, the third adventure pack in the Oaths of the Rohirrim cycle. As with all ALeP projects, this adventure pack is a community-created scenario, free to download, and is intended to honor and extend the legacy of the greatest card game in Middle-earth.

Gálmód’s race to freedom is represented by time counters. As you sprint to catch him before his escape, your pursuit will be hampered by bitter wind, hill-man confederates, and staggering snow banks which require strength and mighty will to overcome. Be careful not to overextend, or you may find yourself ambushed by a Dunlending Rearguard!

Amid all of these perils, there will be need of trustworthy companions, and who better to bring with you than the lovable Barliman Butterbur of Bree?

Spooks or No Spooks

Straight from the Prancing Pony, Barliman Butterbur has come to assist you in times of peril! While the innkeeper is not particularly skilled in combat, his loyalty and commitment to his friends makes up for his lack of finesse. He’s always ready to help his comrades even if it means a sore blow to himself.

And to bring a little cheer to a dire situation, he comes bearing drinks!

This mug of refreshing ale is unusually good. A sip of it will cure you of a little weariness, and downing the whole pint will bring you such vigour that you will feel you can go on for days!

These cards combine with the other player cards from The Gap of Rohan to form the foundation of an all-new Bree archetype, introducing a truly unique strategy to experiment with as you stand against the Shadow.

A Long-extended Party

The traitor is making his escape. A mighty storm blows upon the Westfold. Will you and your party battle through the mysterious blizzard? Shall you discover its source amid the cold and the fear? Or will you fall, and let your oath be broken?

The Gap of Rohan will be released for DragnCards and Print & Play this December!

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