“A few eagles were still circling and sweeping above the battle-ground. The flames about the trees suddenly sprang up above the highest branches. They went up in crackling fire. There was a sudden flurry of sparks and smoke. Bilbo had escaped only just in time!”
— The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Fire on the Eastemnet Adventure Pack is now available from A Long-extended Party!

A Long-extended Party is pleased to present Fire on the Eastemnet, the second adventure pack in Oaths of the Rohirrim, a cycle of free, community-created expansions for our beloved card game.

After unraveling the conspiracy at Aldburg, you have sworn an oath to track down the Rohirric traitor and bring him to justice. Pursuing him across the green lands of Rohan, and with civil war threatening the country of Horse-lords, your search is interrupted by a plume of smoke. A mighty orc band has descended into the countryside, seizing as many warhorses as they can. If war is to come, Rohan will need her horses.

Fire on the Eastemnet introduces an original new scenario, which pits you against a horde of Orc horse thieves as they rampage across the meadows of Rohan. A constant tug-of-war, this quest challenges you to save more of Rohan’s noble steeds than the Orcs are able to capture. Will you be able to break the will of their new warchief, Morgahk, before his Orcs have left the Rohirric countryside bare?

In addition to a quest, Fire on the Eastemnet introduces two new heroes, three new unique allies, and nine other new player cards to add to your collection. The eagles are coming! Alagos and Faunith are swooping in to join the fray, with a host of Veteran Eagles and other noble birds just behind. These cards and more will revolutionize your favorite eagle and creature decks, bringing even more deckbuilding options to the table for both solo and multiplayer play.

Fire on the Eastemnet is available now as a free print and play expansion, available to download below. Prefer to play digitally? This expansion, and all future ALeP content, is available to play on both DragnCards and Tabletop Simulator. Looking for a more professional, third party print job? Check out our accompanying printing guides below for detailed, easy to follow instructions.

Printing Guide and Downloads

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We are hard at work preparing French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish translations of Fire on the Eastemnet:

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