A Long-extended Party

Producer of unofficial, fan-made expansions for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Semi-official FAQ 1.10

Last updated: 2021-12-08

While we have not yet received an Official FAQ 1.10, we are aware of several rule corrections and typos from official sources and of several card errata that have been discovered through reprints. These are therefore “official” in most people’s eyes, so we keep them separate from the ALeP FAQ.


Shadows of Mirkwood Expansion

A Burning Brand [SoM 33]

Should read: “Attach to a [lore] character. Restricted. Response: Exhaust A Burning Brand to cancel a shadow effect just triggered during an attack that attached character is defending.”

Dwarrowdelf Expansion

Legacy of Durin [D 61]

Should read: “Attach to a Dwarf hero. Response: After you play a Dwarf character from your hand, exhaust Legacy of Durin to draw 1 card.”

Erebor Battle Master [D 79]

Should read: “Erebor Battle Master gets +1 [attack] for each other Dwarf ally you control. (Limit +4 [attack])”

Overhill and Under Hill Saga Expansion

Thrór’s Map [OHUH 13]

Should read: “Attach to a hero. Travel Action: Discard Thrór’s Map to choose a location in the staging area. Make that location the active location. (If there is another active location, return it to the staging area.)”

Vengeance of Mordor Expansion

Helm of Secrecy [VoM 90]

Should read: “Action: Choose a hero you control and discard all tokens from it. Select a different non-[fellowship], non-[baggins] hero from your collection with a threat cost less than or equal to the chosen hero. Swap those heroes, moving all eligible attachments and damage tokens to the hero from your collection.”

Rule Clarification

(1.59) The Long Dark

The rules sheet incorrectly mentions the Hazards of the Pit encounter set instead of the Deeps of Moria. The encounter set icons are correct.

(1.60) Foundations of Stone

The rules sheet incorrectly mentions the Deeps of Moria encounter set instead of the Hazards of the Pit. The encounter set icons are correct.

(1.61) Roam Across Rhovanion

The quest cards show an incorrect encounter set icon (Gathering Gloom). The correct icon (Lost in Wilderland) can be found on the rules sheet.

(1.62) Mount Gundabad

The two unique locations, Dagnir’s Hoard and Throat of the Mountain, should be added to the Сaves deck in addition to the cards from the Lost Caves encounter set.

The rules sheet is incorrect when it states “… the current quest card is flipped at the beginning of the staging step of the quest phase.” Side A of the quest cards are correct in specifying to flip at “… the beginning of the quest phase.”

(1.63) The Fate of Wilderland

There is a typo on two objectives, The Goblins’ Assault and The Heroes’ Defense, where it lists the incorrect quest name (Mount Gundabad) instead of The Fate of Wilderland.

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