Their enemies shall be our enemies, their need shall be our need, and whatsoever evil, or threat, or assault may come upon them we will aid them. – Eorl

War looms. With the traitor of Rohan mustering his armies of hillmen and traitor Rohirrim on the far bank of the river Isen, you have marshaled your own forces, gathered from frosty peak and blood-drenched valley. To win this battle will be to avoid all-out civil war between Rohan’s loyalists and her embittered foes. But all battles have a cost. By day’s end, the river shall run red.

A Long-Extended party is pleased to announce Blood in the Isen, the final adventure pack in the Oaths of the Rohirrim cycle, a line of free, fan-made expansions for the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, intended to honor and extend the legacy of the greatest card game in Middle-Earth.

The Return of the King

With Rohan in dire need, she has had to call upon strange friend and old acquaintance, from the villages of Bree to the wilds of Rhovanion and beyond the Grey Havens. But there is one man who never swerves from the path of good, and his return will be heralded with great titles and arms of renown.

With his crowning as King Elessar after the War of the Ring, Aragorn brought peace and stability to the lands of Men. So too may the name live on, either on a version of hero Aragorn or a worthy noble of your choosing. This powerful Title attachment empowers your allies to find common cause with their ruler, for he will give them the ability to stand against mighty foes indeed.

The sword that was broken has been reforged. The weapon Andúril has long belonged to the line of the king. However, one must be more than a mere noble to wield it. This powerful artifact bolsters its wielder, pumping each of their stats and allowing an additional ready with which to use them. In fact, as the blade which unites all peoples of the West, Andúril can only be carried by a hero with four or more traits. It will be necessary for players to build their deck carefully in order to harness the Flame of the West!

The Grey Company

Like all ALeP adventure packs, Blood in the Isen offers two brand new heroes, who will surely reveal themselves in all haste. In the meantime, we are pleased to present the only ally included in Blood in the Isen, a Dúnedain of the elusive Grey Company.

A neutral character with a formidable statline, the Grey Companion would gladly aid any deck in need of stout assistance. But a hero with one or more Title attachments will find them easier to bring into play, reducing their cost from 5. There is no limit to this potential cost reduction, if your heroes are particularly renowned!

A Long-Extended Party

The traitor of Rohan careens toward his destiny. Where will Ealdwulf’s journey end? On the throne at Meduseld or in the sucking waters of the Isen? Crowned in gold, or broken upon the battlefield? Stay tuned for the release of the thrilling conclusion to the Oaths of the Rohirrim cycle, as well as information on ALeP’s future plans!

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