“There the herdsmen had wandered much, living in camp and tent, even in winter-time. But now all the land was empty, and there was silence that did not seem to be the quiet of peace.” — The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien

With the conspiracy of Aldburg rapidly unraveling, a prime suspect has emerged. Proof in hand, you have brought your findings to Lord Éomund. But amid the splintered loyalties of the Riddermark’s soldiers, your suspect has vanished into the night. Tasked by Éomund to hunt your quarry, you find a disturbing signal: the band of Orcish marauders have ventured once again into the Eastmark, and their sights are set on the mighty steeds of the horse-lords. With civil war on the doorstep for Thengel, Morwen, and Éomund, these thieves must be driven back across the river. For if Rohan is to war, she will need her horses.

A Long-extended Party is pleased to announce Fire on the Eastemnet, the second adventure pack in the Oaths of the Rohirrim cycle. As with all ALeP projects, this adventure pack is a fan-created scenario, free to download, and is intended to honor and extend the legacy of the greatest card game in Middle-earth.

As your heroes ride out to battle the orcish horde, you will find yourself dispatching savage horse-thieves and rescuing the mighty steeds of Rohan. Fire on the Eastemnet introduces the Steeds keyword, which will encourage players to manage the flow of battle lest the marauders escape!

With much ground to cover, and the enemy bearing down upon all sides, it may be time to call in some backup.

The Eagles are Coming!

From the peaks of the Misty Mountains, the mighty eagle hero Faunith swoops into battle. A master of ambushing from cloud cover, Faunith sports the ability to play eagle allies in the midst of the quest phase, then exhausting those allies to add their willpower to the quest or harry an enemy for damage.

Faunith brings with her more than just much-needed flexibility, for it is sometimes said the eagles can command the very wind.

With the Breath of Arda event, the eagles may vanish on the wind during the encounter phase, only to regroup where they are needed most. Perhaps you shall find them soaring above the Eastemnet, preparing to rend the orcish horse-thieves with beak and talon.

A Long-extended Party

Thieves are on the move. Poachers prowl amid the hills and rills of Rohan. When called to battle across the countryside, will you push the orcs into the Eastemnet on the wings of eagles? Or will you falter, and let Rohan succumb to ruin?

Fire on the Eastemnet will be released for DragnCards and Print & Play this September!

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