“The world is all grown strange. Elf and Dwarf in company walk in our daily fields.”
— Éomer, The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien

In Children of Eorl, you will battle on hills and plains against forces seeking to destroy Rohan from within and without. While Rohan counts many valorous warriors and noble lords among its people, they may need to look beyond their borders to forge new alliances.

A Long-extended Party is pleased to offer a closer look at some of the new player cards releasing in the Children of Eorl deluxe expansion!

Mighty Men of Arms

One of Gondor’s greatest warriors, guardian of the Rammas, the soldier Ingold is one of the first to greet Gandalf and Pippin as they enter Minas Tirith. One who seeks “mighty men of arms” will have the opportunity to deploy this hero in defense of Gondor’s ancestral allies!

Boasting an impressive strength of will, Ingold is an invaluable asset on any quest. It is his ability to marshal soldiers, however, which is his greatest talent. By allowing his controller to draw a card after playing a Gondor or Warrior ally, Ingold ensures the steady flow of new recruits and powerful friends. Because this ability either raises your threat or costs a resource from Ingold’s pool, you may be forced to choose between drawing unwanted attention upon your fellowship or limiting your options for future reinforcements. It may be up to you to prove your valour in the trials to come.

Unlikely Friendship

With danger lurking around every corner, your fellowship may need to seek aid beyond the familiar. But it is well known, a single, well-chosen hero can turn the tide of any scenario. As the hillmen and their traitorous Rohirrim allies muster and strike, you may find yourself forming The Last Alliance!

By choosing The Last Alliance as your contract, you must twist your deckbuilding strategy significantly – choose two traits. Each of your heroes and allies must have exactly one of those printed traits – not both. But in exchange for managing these restrictions, you will receive a pair of powerful boons.

With your fellowship built, you will find yourself gathering your forces more quickly than ever, thanks to The Last Alliance’s ability to reduce the cost of allies from the less-represented half of your alliance. As your ranks grow, you may find the composition of your force shifting. Be sure to adapt as you go, treating the ever-changing benefit as an elegant dance of balance and movement.

Beyond its ability to help you muster your army, The Last Alliance also allows you a powerful second ability. Once per turn, you may “expand” the text of one of your cards to replace each instance of one trait with either trait, allowing for immense tactical versatility!

For example, if you are playing The Last Alliance, having chosen Rohan and Silvan as your traits, you might be tempted to run a card like Worthy of Remembrance!

While normally constrained to discarding Rohan allies, you may exhaust your contract, allowing Worthy of Remembrance to discard a Silvan instead. Sending the disgraced Galion to deal 4 damage to an enemy? Surely an act worthy of song!

With the enhanced flexibility of The Last Alliance, there have never been more opportunities for creative gameplay and unorthodox deckbuilding. As the peoples of Middle-Earth band together to confront these dire threats, the only limit is your creativity.

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