A Long-extended Party

Producer of unofficial, fan-made expansions for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Support Us

Support Us

ALeP offers all of its content free of charge, and is a fully volunteer-driven effort. However, there are still two major ways that you can help support the project.

  1. Playtest: Are you planning on putting some of our cards in your bike spokes? Are some of our cards grossly overpowered? We\’d love to have your input on future ALeP content so that it doesn\’t happen again! To get involved in playtesting (or even design, storytelling, editing, etc.), just send an email to alongextendedparty@gmail.com. We even have a weekly prize draw as a way to say thank you to playtesters!
  2. Commission Art: If you\’re looking to where you can send your dollars, check our sister project FArCom: https://www.patreon.com/farcom. In addition to helping produce new LotR artwork for the world to enjoy and for ALeP to use, you\’ll receive exclusive access to the full-resolution art pieces from well-recognized artists!

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