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ALeP Card Backs and Clear Sleeves


ALeP Card Backs and Clear Sleeves

Many third party printers are uncomfortable printing official-looking card backs due to copyright concerns. For those printers, we offer our ALeP cards with some unofficial card backs.
If you have your collection sleeved in clear sleeves, this means you will be able to tell whether you are about to draw an ALeP card or an official card. This should not be a problem for encounters, as there are no plans to have mixed ALeP/official encounter decks. However, for player cards, this presents a bit of an issue.
There are a number of possible solutions to this, ranging in cost and effort. Below is a list we\’ve compiled to help you find a way to play with ALeP cards in the smoothest way possible. We hope you find a solution that works for you.
  1. Re-sleeve your player cards with opaque card backs.
  2. Re-sleeve just the cards in your currently constructed decks with opaque card backs.
  3. Buy an extra core set and put an official card behind your ALeP card in the same sleeve.
  4. Try to find a local printer that will print ALeP cards with official-looking backs for you.
  5. Keep a divider on your table between you and your deck that prevents you from seeing the top card.
  6. Have a \”cover card\” on top of your deck. When drawing, you slide out the top card of your deck from underneath the cover card.
  7. Exclusively play Gandalf-hero decks.
And of course, it\’s a friendly co-op game, so you could also try simply not doing anything, and seeing how much the small amount of extra information about your top card actually helps you. Whatever you decide, we just hope you enjoy the cards!

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